Portrait by Giles

Grew up in the back of a van making tour films with bands. Tried to persuade labels to put videos on Instagram. Bought a DSLR instead of going travelling. Stopped touring, moved to London, moved into commercials & content. Care deeply about documentary & food. Care about real stories. Got used to putting a camera on it’s side.

Spent the last couple of years building a turn-key kitchen studio SACHET in Tottenham.

Still enjoying travelling the world making films with great people.


DIGITAL: Alexa Mini LF. Sony FX6/FX3. Vintage Zeiss FF. Wireless TX/RX + Monitors.
FILM: Aaton LTR S16. Bolex S16. Angenieux/Canon Zooms. Wide Angle Primes.
LIGHTS: Aputure LED Interview Package + Transport Van.